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Temperance, Bask, Smitten

There is a wide divide between love at first sight and happily ever after.

Once there was a smith who was the finest in the land. They knew everything about how to forge and shape and harden and repair, a dance of the four elements, fire softening earth, air and water swirling around to keep everything in balance. Our smith once had a wish come true – a spark, a passion, a gut-punch of happy desire fell into their orbit. Such a fierce, overflowing passion that our smith could be forgiven had they acted a fool. But our smith knew themself as they knew their forge. They approached their new passion gently, carefully, with ease and patience. They let the passion tell them how to shape, how to bend, how to keep everything in control. The smith listened to their passion, worked with it, learned and built a perfection of balance. They achieved a happy ending without drama. They basked in their abilities and let the goodness just be. Well-earned, well-forged, contentment.


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