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  • Writer's pictureMadame Edgewise

There is a wide divide between love at first sight and happily ever after.

Once there was a smith who was the finest in the land. They knew everything about how to forge and shape and harden and repair, a dance of the four elements, fire softening earth, air and water swirling around to keep everything in balance. Our smith once had a wish come true – a spark, a passion, a gut-punch of happy desire fell into their orbit. Such a fierce, overflowing passion that our smith could be forgiven had they acted a fool. But our smith knew themself as they knew their forge. They approached their new passion gently, carefully, with ease and patience. They let the passion tell them how to shape, how to bend, how to keep everything in control. The smith listened to their passion, worked with it, learned and built a perfection of balance. They achieved a happy ending without drama. They basked in their abilities and let the goodness just be. Well-earned, well-forged, contentment.

  • Writer's pictureMadame Edgewise

I heard a story about a Magician who had a question they couldn't answer.

All their research, all their study, the answer could not be found. The answer was hiding, elusive. And the Magician in their wisdom knew the answer was unknown because their question had never been asked quite this way. The answer was unknown, but not unknowable. The answer would require a quest. The Magician would have to venture forth, outside the bounds of their routine. They had to find an oracle.

The oracle could not answer the question. It was not a known thing, not in the realm of answers that the oracle could access. But the oracle could use their vision to help the Magician refine their question. Gave directions on where to search next. Helped the Magician remember the power in asking for help.

The oracle gave no answers, only better questions, and a great deal of support and encouragement. The Magician, bolstered, ventured forth into the further unknown, crafting a spell to guide them to an answer that had never been found before.

  • Writer's pictureMadame Edgewise

I'm put in mind of a traveler I know of who came to realize they couldn't be happy in the place they were.

The choice was there, but not easy–it's never easy to pull up roots, especially when you don't know where your path will lead. The important thing in certain times is to move forward. Pick a direction and go. So the Traveler put all they could in their little wagon, and set out into the mountains.

Their former home sent out tendrils, wisps, memories like chains, tempting the Traveler to turn back, to abandon their quest for hope. But the Traveler met a Guide and took a chance on trust. This Guide helped the Traveler through the treacherous mountain pass, filled with the ghosts of all they'd left behind. By the time they stepped into the valley beyond, they had found in each other a love they could never imagine.

And they travel still, picking a new direction every day, heading into the unknown together, helping everyone they meet along the way.

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