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Persist, Trust, We Happy Few

This is not a story that is told in words.

This is a story of action. This is a story of resolve. And this is a story of the depths of trust.

Two partners, facing the world. Their love and connection so deep, they don't need to speak. They don't need to see each other to know the other will be exactly where they need to be.

The swirling, menacing evils they face would be too much for just one. The demons that outnumber them would swarm in from all sides. But these two Lovers, they put their backs together, they set their footing, their mutual connection is all the rallying cry they need to withstand all the horrors the world can throw.

The action choreography is stunning. At any time, one of our heroes may stumble. But seamlessly, the other steps in, protecting, regaining their footings together, using the power of their love to give them more strength than they could ever have alone.

One is almost tempted to pity the villain who makes the mistake of thinking these two solitary Lovers are easy targets. They are not. They have the primordial flame of inspiration surrounding them, fueling their passion. So long as they are together, they will not fall.


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