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Quit, Forward, Trust

I'm put in mind of a traveler I know of who came to realize they couldn't be happy in the place they were.

The choice was there, but not easy–it's never easy to pull up roots, especially when you don't know where your path will lead. The important thing in certain times is to move forward. Pick a direction and go. So the Traveler put all they could in their little wagon, and set out into the mountains.

Their former home sent out tendrils, wisps, memories like chains, tempting the Traveler to turn back, to abandon their quest for hope. But the Traveler met a Guide and took a chance on trust. This Guide helped the Traveler through the treacherous mountain pass, filled with the ghosts of all they'd left behind. By the time they stepped into the valley beyond, they had found in each other a love they could never imagine.

And they travel still, picking a new direction every day, heading into the unknown together, helping everyone they meet along the way.


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