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  • Writer's pictureMadame Edgewise

Ritual, Librarian, Venture

I heard a story about a Magician who had a question they couldn't answer.

All their research, all their study, the answer could not be found. The answer was hiding, elusive. And the Magician in their wisdom knew the answer was unknown because their question had never been asked quite this way. The answer was unknown, but not unknowable. The answer would require a quest. The Magician would have to venture forth, outside the bounds of their routine. They had to find an oracle.

The oracle could not answer the question. It was not a known thing, not in the realm of answers that the oracle could access. But the oracle could use their vision to help the Magician refine their question. Gave directions on where to search next. Helped the Magician remember the power in asking for help.

The oracle gave no answers, only better questions, and a great deal of support and encouragement. The Magician, bolstered, ventured forth into the further unknown, crafting a spell to guide them to an answer that had never been found before.


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